McFalls & Company is composed of a team of professionals dedicated to provide training for the efficient and ultimate use of personal computers in today's business. Our goal is to provide up-to-date training to both beginners and advanced users of the newest hardware and software.

We offer one-on-one training specifically designed to promote the ease of use of all the desktop publishing benefits and important time saving techniques.

Desktop publishing training can be held for individuals or groups in our training centers or in your office. This page lists our academy training courses, schedules and fees.

Program Concepts
All workshops are designed for individuals spending at least several hours per day on design workstations. Our Program Development Staff anticipates that all workshop attendees are registered owners of the respected software. We strongly suggest that all registrants familiarize themselves with the software program prior to their attendance.

Introduction to Macintosh M001
What can a Macintosh do? Why? How? Just a few of the questions that will be answered here! If you have recently purchased a Mac or intend to - this course can set you straight! We'll enter your owners manuals skipping over the nonessential information and getting to the meat and bones. Introduction to Hardware and Software, the System and Finder, folders, files, applications, desktop layouts, new installations, fonts, desktop accessories, and computer care.
One - three hour session $50.00

Maintaining your Macintosh M002
It's up and running. Organizing files, what works best and where, it's running soooo slow, strange messages flash on the screen, and a bomb fizzles along with your patience. Be an expert Macintosh user quickly and painlessly. Maintaining and updating your system and software, more on fonts and desktop accessories, backing up and maintaining your drive, and how to handle emergencies are several of the principles demonstrated here.
One - three hour session $55.00

Software and Hardware Decisions M003
The ad said X!@*%# and it cost $$$! The tails of woe we hear and experience often. Before you buy get the facts on your software and hardware choices! An in-depth comparison of desktop publishing, graphic design, and utility software with fact sheets and reports from manufacturers and major publications on printers, storage devices, scanners, modems, networks and other input/output devices.
One - three hour session $70.00

Network Management N001
Whether you have two computers or a company of hundreds, there's much to be known about installation, management, and training personnel on your vital link-up. Reduce lengthy waiting periods, keep your system running smoothly, train and aid users from your office chair or on the road. It's like magic! Alternate networks, filing tips, network software comparisons, time and space saving techniques and training ideas are some of the main topics every network manager must know.
One - four hour session $70.00

Introduction to Word Processing W001
One of your first software purchases is a word processor. Whether you are using Microsoft Word or another popular word processing program, you can see exactly what use a word processor can be for you. Formatting, text and graphics integration, mail merge, and much more. If you are using Microsoft Word, with its powerful outlining, number crunching and page formatting tools you may not need to bear the expense of a page layout program.
One - six hour session $80.00

Advanced Word W002
For Microsoft Word 98 users only. Whether formatting text, customizing menus for optimal use, or preparing professional page composition your work will look like a pro in less than half the time of the conventional means.
One - six hour session $80.00

Introduction to PageMaker P011
An introduction to the once best selling page layout application. PageMaker is the easiest and quickest to learn and contains all the powerful tools required to produce effective professional looking material quickly and efficiently.
One - six hour session $80.00

Page Composition with PageMaker P012
Utilizing all the features PageMaker provides when designing ads, brochures and newsletters. Understanding the tools of the trade permits the design of virtually anything. Keyboard, cut and paste, and design shortcuts plus basic concepts of graphic applications are covered to enhance and speed up your creations.
One - six hour session $80.00

Advanced PageMaker P013
After understanding all that PageMaker can do, there is another very important factor &emdash;productivity. Like most users, your equipment was purchased for one of the two most popular reasons &emdash;making deadlines. We can help increase your productivity by as much as 400%.
One - six hour session $80.00

Introduction to QuarkXPress P021
An introduction to QuarkXPress' sophisticated tools and capabilities. Word processor, type and graphic enhancement tools plus page composition -- all in one. See why QuarkXPress is the Publisher's choice worldwide.
One - six hour session $80.00

Page Composition with QuarkXPress P022
Begin utilizing the powerful word processing, text handling, typographic, picture manipulation and page composition features of QuarkXPress to design ads, brochures and newsletters. Many shortcuts plus basic concepts of graphic applications are covered to enhance and speed up your publications.
One - six hour session $80.00

Advanced QuarkXPress P023
After understanding QuarkXPress' capabilities, there is another very important factor -- productivity. Like most users, your equipment was purchased for one of the two most popular reasons -- making deadlines. Increase your productivity and trim your bottom line.
One - six hour session $80.00

Page Layout and Design D001
Design techniques by the professionals who design books, brochures, advertisements, and a variety of publications. Choices of type, graphics, style, size and color are not a matter of chance. We'll demonstrate effective drafting and polishing techniques used in art departments to create various publications quickly.
One - six hour session $80.00

Introduction to Macintosh Graphics D002
An introduction to Macintosh graphics. All the popular paint, drl , halftone and postscript applications are displayed here. Each have different output and features. We'll demonstrate and output from Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, FreeHand and many more. Comparison of PICT, PICT II, TIFF, EPS, GIF, JPEG, Paint, and non-compressed file formats.
One - six hour session $80.00

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator G011
An introduction to the first precision drawing application designed for commercial artists. Adobe Illustrator incorporates simple to use tools and curves, and the printed output reflects the work of professional artists. Learn the basic tools, effects and ideas how to incorporate special effects inside your publications.
One - six hour session $80.00

Illustrating with Adobe Illustrator G012
Adobe Illustrator's tools, curves, effects, short cuts and secrets are extensively examined here. Auto tracing, blending, and masking techniques not available in most other graphic applications yet -- easy to master. Draw a simple silhouette and design a corporate identity -- unleash your artistic qualities. We'll even step inside a postscript file and alter lines of postscript to change the printed effect.
One - six hour session $80.00

Special Effects with FreeHand G022
We take you step-by-step through various procedures that make hundreds of special effects available to you. We will extensively examine the tool palettes, masking, overlays, and much more.
One - six hour session $80.00

HyperCard Programming P012
Audio and visual aids enhance productivity and learning in many offices and educational institutions. Utilize your organizational skills to make others more organized by developing your own simple to use and sophisticated stacks. Develop powerful data base and utility applications to enhance your productivity.
Two - six hour sessions $140.00

Introduction to Microsoft Excel F011
Introduction to the top rated spreadsheet and macro driven application for PCs. Microsoft Excel serves all your number crunching needs. We begin with the basic spreadsheet, then tour the charts and macro sheets. Column, row and cell manipulation, moving, duplicating, refining and defining of data for your essential needs.
One - six hour session $80.00

Programming Microsoft Excel F012
Develop macro sheets for more thorough analysis and crunch the numbers into graphic representation. This is the ultimate business management application available for PCs. You may decide to dump your accounting software and develop your own custom data management system.
One - six hour session $80.00

Technical Support
For each hour of training registrant accounts will be credited a quarter hour of technical support from the McFalls & Company Technical Support Staff.

Class Size
Class sizes vary. Attendance will not exceed 15 or be less than 4 per workshop. Less than 2 registrations constitute workshop cancellation. (See cancellations.)

Registrant cancellations made prior to 5 business days of the start date of the scheduled workshop will be 100% refundable. After 5 business days -- 50% refundable. McFalls & Company cancellations are 100% refundable.

Miscellaneous Notes
To better maintain a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere, refreshments are available throughout each program.

Casual dress is recommended.