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Where can you get
the answers for all your
Computer Hardware
& Software questions?


Just 98% of them.  


Sorry! There isn't a 100% reliable single source to get all the answers for today's modern computers, peripherals and software. Users and system administrators that are registered product users can receive Adobe product technical support for $2 per minute, Apple support $179 per year/per product, Quark support $189 per year/per product...just to name a few. There are short and long term service plans available from many hardware and software manufacturers supporting their products only.

There is a place, McFalls & Company, that provides technical assistance for over 100 current hardware and software products. With experts available in the fields of graphic design, illustration, typesetting, word processing, page layout, presentations, database and spreadsheet development, internet connections, web site development, networking, telecommunications, and systems administration, maintenance, service and repair.

McFalls & Company offers solutions to all types of users... home, small business and corporate. However, even with this diverse background, we cannot provide solutions for every hardware and software question--only about 98% of them. That's right! In a recent audit, we provided the right stuff (solutions) more than 98% of the time. That's 98 out of every 100 phone calls and on-site visits.

What's even more attractive is the savings. McFalls & Company is mainly a technical support service company with abundant well-tapped information resources. That is to say...we tap into a multitude of information resources to make a combined source for our clients to tap, us. McFalls & Company clients do not need to go anywhere else to receive complete technical assistance. The savings, whether service contracts with multiple sources or with pricey pay-as-you-go plans, can immediately be realized even with a very dull pencil.

There are several plans available including addendums to try to accommodate the variety of users' needs. We can customize a plan if necessary too! The one common element of every plan is the commitment the McFalls & Company staff makes to every client--to get the client's systems up and running and to maintain that status.

A multiple Mac setting should consider the appointment of an individual to the ranks of systems administrator. It's an economical method to supply support services, training, and to exchange information within a group.

Services are available daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. All service plans include 24 hour voice mail technical support library, FAX On Demand and e-mail services.