We rent a wide variety of Macintosh and PC equipment. From MacBooks to Dell servers. Monitors, keyboards, mice, hard drives, scanners, etc. We even supply the software preconfigured for your needs. We also provide the delivery, installation, technical support, training and service/repair services.

Rent by the day, week, month, or any term that suites your needs. We maintain the LOWEST PRICES in the rental business.



  • Resolves peak work load problems.
  • Facilitates system validation and benchmarking.
  • Enables short term software development without degrading production system performance.
  • Can alleviate maintenance problems.
  • Solves temporary configuration problems.
  • An alternative to traditional disaster recovery or contingency plans.


  • Avoids tying up cash in depreciating assets.
  • May reduce maintenance costs.
  • Provides easy budgeting and cost allocation for specific projects.
  • Creates no impact on balance sheet.
  • Totally deductible from profit and loss account.
  • Creates no long term financial liability.


  • Allows precise definition of end-user needs.
  • No commitment beyond the contract period, which is limited to three months.
  • Allows easy upgrades, downgrades and configuration changes to meet future requirements.
  • Can provide a range of configurations larger than a single company would wish to own.
  • Limits the level of the decision.
  • Allows a rapid or temporary response to a critical situation.

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